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At the Bradley your child will soar to new heights!

Welcome to the
Bradley Elementary

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What makes the Bradley special?

In a stimulating academic environment our students learn to develop a lifelong passion for learning.  The staff at the Bradley create and provide a nurturing atmosphere where the best instructional practices and curriculum  deepen children's knowledge.  We encourage our students to research and demonstrate their learning in  exciting and engaging ways.  We discover the world around us as we work towards the world that lies ahead of us. Our children are well prepared for the demands of being responsible, respectful and involved members of the local and global community.

Friends of the Bradley

The Friends of the Bradley is a 501c3 organization that enriches, enhances and supports programming and opportunities at the Bradley School. Your donations are used to provide students with arts programming, academic acceleration services, and support the overall health and wellness of our 300 students. 

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Learning at the Bradley ...
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